Strategic Financial Advisers

The Price of Freedom

As a privately owned dealer group, Hunter Green receives no volume rebates from platform operators or product providers, nor is it cross-subsidized by a parent with deep pockets. Our Advisers construct our Approved Platform and Product List, free from any ownership constraints.

Hunter Green will not be run at a loss with some hope of a big pay-off from a sale back to an institution in the future. We intend to be a profitable, stable and viable alternative for a very long time. 

As such we will never be the cheapest dealer group, however we keep our fees transparent and competitive by un-bundling the services we provide (compliance and risk mitigation), from those which others provide (research, software, training), giving our advisers the choice to build the businesses they want. With discounts and support from the major software and research providers the move to freedom may be less expensive than you expect. 

And with no legacy issues or vertical integration, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple and client friendly compliance can be when that is the only thing on which your licensee is focused. 

What our advisers have to say:

"We are a bespoke wealth manager with an advice and SMSF focus inclusive of SMSF administration.   We found that our approach was not well-supported by standard dealer groups and have enjoyed a refreshing change since moving to Hunter Green.  Greg made our decision to switch very easy and comfortable by demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of our business model.  We were also very happy with the support  throughout the actual change over process. We have now been with Hunter Green for over four years.  Hunter Green provides us with the autonomy we feel we need to run a successful practice, whilst also providing peace of mind in knowing that Greg is happy to provide guidance when needed.  We anticipate a long relationship with Hunter Green." Chris Humphrey, B Comm, CPA, SSA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chris Humphrey Private Wealth Management


Below are some examples of Hunter Green’s authorisations to cover the most usual business situations.

However,we are open to tailoring your authorisations (and therefore the support, training & compliance required) to suit you and your business, including different authorisations for different staff members.

Second and subsequent advisers within the same business may receive a discount.

Wealth Protection Specialist

$19800 pa paid monthly in advance ($1650 pm) / plus 2.75%pa of advice revenue (monthly in arrears)

Wealth Protection Specialists:

  • Recommend and arrange life risk insurance products and investment bonds issued by a life insurance company, and the replacement of such products with other such products (subject to the replacement product advice requirements)
  • Recommend a client rollover existing super subject to compliance with the super switching advice requirements
  • Discuss/ recommend levels of superannuation contributions
  • Discuss/ recommend pension commencement (including Transition to Retirement pensions)
  • After completing additional training they can provide the same type of advice in relation to SMSFs

Investment Specialist

$19800 pa paid monthly in advance ($1650 pm) / plus 2.75%pa of advice revenue (monthly in arrears)

An Investment Specialist can:

  • Advise on and deal in all investments (except derivatives) and superannuation products, either directly or through master trusts or wrap platforms
  • Advise on and arrange managed discretionary account services offered by MDA operators external to Hunter Green
  • Advise on and arrange standard margin lending facilities (ie those offered by major banks).

Financial Adviser

$23760 pa paid monthly in advance ($1980 pm) / plus 2.75% of advice revenue (monthly in arrears)

A Financial Adviser is a holistic adviser who can provide both wealth protection and investment advice.