Why Choose Us

We tailor our services around your business needs to provide:

  • the relevant AFSL authorisations,
  • support and compliance relevant to those authorisations, including template Statement of Advice and other compliance documents,
  • individually tailored training programs,
  • freedom to choose the platform you prefer, with no dealer group "badged" or "preferred" option,
  • a workable, peer driven, Approved Product List which includes direct investment options and the ability to advise on Industry and Corporate Super Funds,
  • broking arrangements with major wholesale providers including Commsec, Desktop Broker, Lonsec, Macquarie Online, Ord Minnett, Open Markets and Saxo Capital Markets. 
  • direct fee for service client invoicing which you bank to your own bank account,
  • a revenue management system which includes client invoicing, direct debit, income splitting with referral sources, FDS & Opt-in  management
  • Professional Indemnity cover.

You choose and pay for:

  • The research you want.
  • The client management / advice generation software you prefer
  • The training of your choice - with free Kaplan Online for planning & tracking purposes.
  • The business support you decide you need.

Whilst we don't have the buying power of the institutions, we have negotiated discounts with both software and research providers, so the cost of moving to a non-aligned solution might not be as much as your current licensee might like you to believe.

Hunter Green partners with Industry Leaders


Lonsec,  one of Australia’s leading investment and research organisations, makes available a range of research products and investment tools to Hunter Green via their iRate website, at specially discounted prices for Hunter Green advisers. More information is available here.


Software which provides the latest, most comprehensive, cloud w_orangerevexbased, revenue management system on the market. Optional integrated invoice and debtor management system, including direct debit of client accounts or credit  cards. Optional FDS & Opt-in Solutions. Web based, with scores of fixed and variable reports. FREE to Hunter Green advisers.


Revex also provides Hunter Green with their co-directed outsourced staffing solution to process commission and fee statements from product providers, matching all providers, products, policies and clients. This ensures payments to advisers are made on time and queries are dealt with, including following up missing commissions and fees. FREE to Hunter Green advisers.

deltaOne of Australia's leading quantitative investment research firms led by Michael Furey, a former financial planner and Head of Research for Suncorp’s advisory businesses.   He is a leading expert in the areas of quantitative analysis and its application to investment selection as well portfolio construction for decumulation. Delta Research's insights are available FREE to Hunter Green advisers.


Hunter Grsmarteen utilises the services of Smart Compliance to ensure its business practices are of the highest standard. Brett Walker, SMART’s CEO, has been consulting to the industry since 1998 following a career with both ASIC and the FPA. Making regulatory compliance and risk management systems work efficiently within business is his passion.  Hunter Green advisers can consult Brett regarding compliance issues on an ad hoc basis.




Our Commitment to the Highest Standards

At Hunter Green we believe advice is best provided by individuals working as professionals in small business, rather than by institutions whose true business interest lies in selling financial products.

Many of the institutionally owned dealer groups have been required by ASIC to enter into arrangements to improve their business practices, resulting in a "one size fits all", overly legalistic, paper driven compliance model that penalises professional advisers for the sins of the rogues. The idea that a large dealer group provides a "safe" option for advisers has been dispelled.

Greg HunterHunter Green is owned by Greg Hunter, an accountant and financial adviser with over 25 years experience in providing strategic, fee for service advice. Greg has never had a claim against him or his licence, enhancing his move to becoming a dealer group as there are no legacy issues.

Greg recognised that the licensing options for independently minded professional advisers were limited, and wanted to support the emergence of the new breed of professional advisers that are driven by the highest standards in ethics, client service and business processes. To this end he sold his client base to focus on providing a new kind of adviser centric dealer group, run by advisers for advisers, with no hidden agendas. Click to see his profile on LinkedIn.


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